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Disturbing details unfolding in incest probe

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Harrowing details were uncovered as police probe the discovery of two girls being allegedly turned into sex slaves by family members who were close to them here.
Their father, grandfather and two uncles were remanded a week today to facilitate on going investigations as the two girls, aged 14 and 19, are warded at the Sarawak General Hospital for medical examination.
A police source involved in the probe said details are still sketchy but what they have discovered so far points to some disturbing details.
“All of them live under one roof and it all started some six years ago for 19-year-old victim while for the younger sibling, her ordeal started when she was 9-years-old,” said the officer when met in Serian.
“It is almost as if the girls did not know what happened to them was wrong,” he said adding one of the suspects also told everything - “sudah terlanjur” - which loosely translates “the deed is done”.
“We will be calling the victims’ grandmother for questioning and hopefully she can shed more light into the case,” he said.
Police were notified of the case by the Tebedu clinic, which comes under the Serian Hospital, when they discovered the elder girl pregnant at 2.30pm yesterday.
During the medical inspection, the victim who was 25 weeks pregnant, claimed she had been raped by the four suspects, who are all farmers, at her house since she was 13 years old.
She also alleged her younger sister, a 14-year-old school dropout, had also suffered the same fate. Acting on these information, police picked up the suspects, aged between 26 and 57, at the same house yesterday.
The two girls have a 17-year-old brother who also lives at the same house and is now under the care of their grandmother. Their mother died many years ago.
The girls’ father, grandfather and two uncles, clad in purple lock-up attire, were produced before the Magistrate’s court senior registrar Dayang Roselind Awang Mahdini who granted the remand order earlier today.
The case is being investigated under Section 376B of the Penal Code for incest, which carries the maximum 30 years’ imprisonment and whipping if found guilty.
Last month a 72-year-old grandfather was among five people charged with raping his granddaughter at the magistrate’s court in Limbang. The four other accused were his son, 40, and three relatives, aged between 16 and 21.
All of the accused were charged with raping the 12-year-old victim at separate locations in the village here between November last year and June this year.

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