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290 foreigners from 31 countries rounded up in E8's Cyberjaya sweep

KUALA LUMPUR: Up to 57 foreigners were detained for failure to produce travel documents or overstaying during operations conducted by the Federal police's Counter-Terrorism Division (E8) in Cyberjaya last night.
Overall, 290 foreigners were rounded up and brought to the Sepang District Police Headquarters (IPD Sepang), where they underwent a screening process based on the INTERPOL Foreign Fighters Terrorist (FTF) List, the Counter Terrorist List, the SB Lookup, the National Registration Department (JPN), the Immigration Department and Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).
The breakdown of nationalities of the detained is as follows: Yemen 50, Pakistan 32, Syria 32, Bangladesh 29, India 27, Nepal 22, Palestine 17, Sudan 10, Indonesia 7, Libya 6, Nigeria 6, Saudi Arabia 5, Sri Lanka 5, Iran 5, Iraq 6, Algeria 4, Senegal 4, Somalia 3, Philippines 2, Ghana 2, Lebanon 2, Mauritania 2, Egypt 2, Tajikistan 2, Guinea 1, Jordan 1, Kazakhstan 1, Tunisia 1, Turkmenistan 1, Afghanistan 1 and China 1.
Of the total, 98 are students of Lim Kok Wing University, Multimedia University (MMU), UCSI University, FTMS Global College, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP).
The operations were conducted to detect and take action on foreigners suspected of holding false documents, are without documents, or have links with international terrorist groups, especially ones operating in Syria and Iraq.
During the operations, the police's E8, along with the Internal Security and Public Order Department, the Forensics, the K9 unit, and the Special Action (UTK) and Bomb Disposal units were deployed to Neo Cyber, Cyberjaya at 9pm.
The police team was joined by personnel from the AELB, as well as the Immigration and National Registration Departments.
The operation used Personal Radiation devices (PRD) to detect radioactive materials.
A total of 95 PRD, eight radiation backpacks and eight handheld identifiers were used during the operation.
The PRD, costing about €5,000 (RM25,173) each, is a sensitive device which can detect radiation within a 50-metre radius, and that those packed in backpacks can be used to scan even larger areas.

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