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Two senior citizens pleaded not guilty to possessing fake notes

SEREMBAN: Two senior citizens pleaded not guilty at the Sessions court today for possesing 1,679 pieces of counterfeit currency notes.
Trader Chan Hui Boo, 70, and government pensioner, Mohd Nasir Aman, 59, each pleaded not guilty as soon as the charge sheet was separetely read to them by the court interpreter in front of Judge G Ramesh.
According to the charge, both the accused possesed the notes with the intention to spend at the back of Carlton Hotel at Jalan Datuk Sheikh Ahmad here at 7.50 pm on July 10.
They were charged under Section 489C of the Penal Code and if convicted, both face a maximum jail sentence of 10 years.
Deputy public prosector Noralis Mat prosecuted while both the accused were represented by counsel Hanif Hassan.
Ramesh allowed for both the accused to be released on RM6,000 bail each.
The court had set for remention of the case on August 22.

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