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Teruntum Complex virtually deserted on day of reopening

KUANTAN: Teruntum Complex here was bare of shoppers when it reopened for business today, two days after a water tank burst and caused concrete slabs to crash onto parked vehicles several floors below.
Checks by the New Straits Times found the mall fairly deserted, with only a few shops open.
Two of the mall's main entrances and the parking lot are still closed due to ongoing repairs.
However, rubble at the rear of the building has been cleared.
On Sunday, water from the burst tank demolished a section of the mall’s fourth floor back wall, causing debris to rain down on cars and motorcycles below and leaving a large gaping hole in the building.
Two people were injured.
Tengku Sharifah Norain Tengku Sulaiman, a promoter at one of the shops here, was visibly anxious as she had personally witnessed the slabs fall from the fourth floor onto the parked vehicles.
“It was around 1pm (on Sunday) when we heard a loud rumbling sound, followed by water falling from the rooftop. We were told to evacuate the building immediately after that,” she said.
Despite being grateful that the building is now safe, the 28-year-old expressed exasperation over the resulting water supply disruption, which has also affected the building’s air-conditioning system.
“We (traders) received a notice from Teruntum Complex's management stating that these problems (water and air-conditioning disruption) will last for some time.
“I hope they will take immediate action to solve these issues. It is very hot here,” she said while fanning herself.
Based on a statement by the mall’s manager, Mohd Zaid Harun, the issues will take at least two weeks to be resolved.
“In the meantime, we will try to install a temporary water tank for the use of traders and visitors of the mall,” said Zaid.

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