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Suspected gang members throw molotov cocktail at Kuala Muda police headquarters

SUNGAI PETANI: Two men hurled a molotov-cocktail near the Kuala Muda district police headquarters entrance today, in an apparent retaliation to the police force's ongoing crackdown on 04 Gang in Kedah.
In the 3.30am incident, a policeman manning guard house spotted two men outside the police headquarters and tried to approach them. However, the men jumped onto a motorcycle and sped off.
A source said while fleeing, one of the men hurdled a molotov cocktail towards the entrance, causing a fire which left burnt marks on the entrance wall.
It was learnt that the policeman later found a banner which has 04 and Nazi logos, warning the police to immediately halt the ongoing crackdown against the underworld gang.
The source said police did not discount the possibility that the attack was a backlash against the police crackdown on the gang, which saw several 04 members arrested in connection with money laundering activity several days ago.
Kedah police chief Datuk Asri Yusoff was expected to hold a press conference on the incident at the district police headquarter tonight.

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