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Siti Nurhaliza rumoured to be pregnant again

SOCIAL media is abuzz with rumours that Malaysia’s favourite songstress Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin (pic) is expecting again, reported Kosmo!.
However, her husband Datuk Seri Khalid Mohamad Jiwa has urged fans to be patient and wait for confirmation of the news from the singer herself.
“We have been wanting a child since we got married 11 years ago and we have never stopped trying. It’s best if we all pray for this to become a reality,” said her husband, popularly known as Datuk K.
According to a source, Siti recently visited a specialist hospital in Kota Daman­sara for a pregnancy test.
In December 2015, the singer had shared her sadness on Instagram after suffering a miscarriage.
Harian Metro reported that many people who queued up at the Accountant-General’s Department in Maybank Tower were left disappointed after failing to get money.
Thousands of people had lined up in front of the office over the past few days, hoping to get their hands on any unclaimed monies that may have been unknowingly left to them.
This came after a social media post by a woman who claimed to have received RM14,000 in unclaimed monies went viral.
“I came here hoping that there would be some money to claim.
“But I only got RM41.90, which was probably already in my bank account from when I worked in a factory 12 years ago,” said a man, who wanted to be known only as Zamri.
> Berita Harian reported that the life of a store owner in Ipoh has been miserable since he accummulated a debt of RM60,000 with 11 Ah Long a month ago.
Chuah Chee Hooi, 47, from Taman Pertama, claimed to have been harassed by the Ah Long, who wanted their money back.
Chuah, whose name has been blacklisted for bank loans, said it all started when he could not get money to renovate his shop.
“I then saw an advertisement for some quick money on Facebook. After filling in the form, they promised me that they could give me RM40,000 immediately.
“But I was asked to pay for some costs, including instalments for three months before I could get the money,” he said, adding that the final sum was not enough to cover the costs of the renovations.
“I tried another company on Facebook but it was also fake.
“I don’t know what to do. They (Ah Long) are looking for me. My wife and kids have abandoned me and my friends don’t want to see me. My life is ruined,” he added.

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