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Perlis introduces friendly "Swat" law enforcement programme

KANGAR: Perlis police have introduced the Stop-Walk-And-Talk (Swat) programme in a bid to foster closer ties between law enforcement personnel and members of the public to reduce incidence of crime.
Its chief, Datuk Azisman Alias, said this friendly approach to law enforcement is in line with the state’s good community policing programme which is already leading to a drop in crime cases across Perlis.
He said during Swat, policemen will spread information on crime prevention to the public.
"By doing so, the public will feel more secure, especially with the presence of the police in their neighbourhood.
“The practice will be carried out at least four times a day, mostly during peak hours; and about 10 minutes will be allocated for engagement with the communities,” he said.
Azisman was speaking during a ceremony celebrating the Perlis police contingent being named the best national contingent in conducting Op Selamat during the Hari Raya period last month.
Op Selamat, which recorded 848 traffic accident cases in Perlis, saw a 52 per cent decrease in fatal accidents compared to last year.
“During the past few months, we recorded less than two crime cases per day and we hope it will gradually decrease with more active patrols and road blocks,” said Azisman.

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