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Ops Road Bully nets 10 Mat Rempits

PETALING JAYA: Ten men, aged between 18 and 27, believed to have been participating in an illegal motorcycle race on the Kesas Highway, were arrested for reckless and dangerous driving early Sunday morning.
It is learned that the men had mapped out their circuit and were riding on the highway towards Banting and Klang before making making a U-turn at Jalan Kebun.
They also tried to evade a police roadblock, which was set up under Op Rimau Samseng Jalan (Road Bully Ops) but were eventually caught and their vehicles confiscated.
A total of 189 officers and personnel from the Selangor Traffic Investigations and Enforcement Division were part of the six-and-half hour operation which started at 12.30am.
Police checked on 114 motorcyclists and their pillion riders.
Selangor traffic chief Supt Kamaludin Mohammad said 148 summonses were issued for various offences including not having valid licences and riding without a helmet.

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