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Not a happy lot in Happy Garden

FOR A residential area named Happy Garden, some of its residents are not happy at all.
With months of uncollected garden refuse, scattered rubbish, clogged drains, overgrown grass and several abandoned houses in the area, residents are urging the Ipoh City Council to step up on their cleaning efforts in the area.
Retired civil servant Lynn Chong said unlike certain areas where residents are sometimes the culprits behind dumpsites, that is not the case in Happy Garden.
“There are a few dead-end roads here. The council workers do not come in to collect our daily rubbish and garden refuse.
“We are forced to leave it at Jalan Nasaruddin Rais, the main road in the area. But even then the rubbish has been left uncollected since Chinese New Year,” she told MetroPerak by the side of Jalan Nasaruddin Rais, which connects to Lorong Bahagia in Ipoh.
Chong said the last time she saw council workers collecting rubbish was some time between last Christmas and Chinese New Year.
“It has been months and even the rubbish bags have started to disintegrate. I really pity the owner of the house nearby,” she said.
Chong also expressed frustration over the rubbish strewn all over the field in the area.
“How can council workers simply ignore all the rubbish in the area here? We pay our assessment rates, but nothing is done to clean up the area,” she said, adding that this was very disappointing.
Fellow resident Tony Oon, a 65-year-old retired businessman, is just as frustrated over the clogged drains and snake problems in the area.
“The grass is overgrown to the point where you wouldn’t know there were drains here if you didn’t look closely. And I have seen snakes around because of the vegetation,” he said.
Oon also pointed out that the road sign for Lorong Bahagia has been gone for years.
“Vandals probably took it away. But the council did not bother to replace the road sign and it has been this way for years.
“We’ve written in about all these problems to the city council so many times, but until today, no action has been taken,” he said.
Oon said there are two abandoned houses on the dead-end road where he in lives.
“The grass and weed have grown so long that some have reached the roofs of the abandoned houses. Snakes lurk around the area. Even if the houses are abandoned, I think the council should still do something to clean the area up instead of leaving it to rot like this,” he said.
Senior citizen Cheah Kuan Tai, 80, complained about having to put up with lots of mosquitoes at her house.
“I had cut some of the grass along the drain outside my house, but I really hope the council can do their job instead of leaving it to senior citizens like me to care for the drains and grass,” she said.
When contacted about the problems, Pasir Pinji City Councillor Chew Junn Weng said garden refuse and old furniture are not collected by daily contractors.
“It is usually picked up by the city council’s personnel when complaints are received. I have already filed complaints with those in the council in charge of collecting garden refuse,” he said.
Chew pointed out that overgrown vegetation in private properties took time to resolve.
“We will look into the issues highlighted by the residents, starting with the overgrown grass along with the drains as well as the missing road sign,” he said.

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