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Melaka mother-daughter duo busted for stealing purses from shopping carts

JASIN: A woman and her teen daughter have been arrested under suspicion of stealing purses the carts of unsuspecting shoppers at a shopping mall here recently.
District police chief Deputy Superintendent Arshad Abu said the duo, aged 41 and 15, targeted shoppers who left their purses or valuables in their carts while browsing.
"Shoppers tend to forget that their purses were placed in their carts while shopping.
"The suspects would strike the moment shoppers took their eyes off their carts," he told at press conference at the Jasin district police headquarters here today.
He said although the most recent case involved the duo stealing from shoppers at Jasin Point, police nevertheless believe that the duo was also responsible for a series of thefts in other shopping malls.
"We are still trying to trace back the previous cases," he said.
He said the mother-daughter duo were arrested at the former's workplace at 3.30pm on July 13 in Taman Maju, Jasin.
They will be referred to the deputy public prosecutor to be charged in court under Section 380 of the Penal Code for theft.
"We urge shoppers to be more wary of their surroundings and to take care of their belongings," he said.

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