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Illegal fund raising of more than 10 million directors charged with pleading guilty

PETALING JAYA:A Chinese director, who was arrested on suspicion of illegally raising more than $ 16 million, was accused of pushing up courtroom and court today, but the defendant pleaded guilty. ) Were charged with a total of 16.2 million ringgit of $ 16.2 million from April to December, August to November and January to November 2015, respectively, Section 137 (1) of the Financial Services Act. The defendant therefore contravenes section 137 (1) of the Financial Services Act 2013 and may be sentenced under section 137 (2) of the same Act. Once convicted, may be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of 10 years or a maximum fine of RM50 million, or both. The Inspector General Sha Feqii Deputy Prosecutor's Office had previously advised the judge to allow the defendant to pay $ 1.6 million and two guarantors. The defendant's lawyer, Fei Dao Si, pleaded with the judge that the defendant's parents were unable to bear the high bail, hoping the judge to reduce the bail. Court Judge Mohammad was allowed to defend the defendant with $ 1 million and two guarantors. Additional conditions include the defendant to be reported to the nearest police station every month and to keep the passport by the court. Monthly to the police report

The judge also chose the case on August 21. In addition, the defendant is also pushing the court to face the other five diversion of the control of others. The defendant was accused of illegally misappropriating Huang Junjian (transliteration, 40 years old) in the town of Po Po on December 1, December 29, 2015, January 2, 2016, February 16 and January 11, 2016 Long Bank has a deposit of RM330,000 and is therefore inconsistent with the Criminal Code 403 (dishonesty). Once convicted, may be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than 6 months, no more than 5 years, flogging and fines. The defendant's lawyer, Fei Dao Si, pleaded with the feared that the defendant's father was a monthly salesman of about RM3,000, his mother was a housewife, had no income, and the defendant's sister was still studying, so hope that the judge The bail condition is set too high. The results of the feudal filadic Suraya were approved by the defendant for each charge of RM5,000 and one guarantor. The defendant must also report to the nearby police station every month and pass the passport to the court. The case was chosen on August 25th.

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