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Huge Floods Sweep Southern Japan, 2 Dead 18 Missing

 At least two of the floods in southern Japan were killed and eighteen were killed. The authorities warn that thousands of people have fled.
An unprecedented rainstorm caused the river to burst the bank, the road was clear to the house, destroying the school.
Thousands of soldiers and other rescuers were quarreling on Thursday to reach people who were threatened by floods or landslides. As forecasters warn, we are in a very serious situation, "Deputy Prime Minister Susu warned of the risk of mountain collapse and added that" many people are still missing. "
Meteorological department said that more than 90-year-old Japan's Sichuan is the southernmost tip of Kyushu four major islands, more than 50 centimeters (20 inches) of the rainy season more than twelve hours.
The agency said the storm would continue until Friday, as the area was hit by typhoons this week.
The most affected provinces of Fukuoka and Oita Prefecture, the authorities canceled the "special" heavy rain warning, although the warning is still small.
Japanese Minister of the Interior Minister Naoto Kan, recently in Kyushu affected areas deployed seven thousand five hundred police, rescue workers and troops.
"There is a lot of information about the whereabouts of the unknown," he said at a news conference, refusing to confirm the number of missing persons.
Those include a child who is said to be driven by a fast-flowing river, and a couple who were released from childhood.
A man was found dead in the warehouse of Fukuoka Prefecture, and the public news agency news agency quoted the police as a news message.
The report also said that a man in Oita County Hita landslide occurred, but officials can not immediately confirm.
Local officials say they know that about 18 people in Fukuoka and Oita Prefecture are missing.

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