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Four robbers flee Jeram goldsmith shop empty handed after botched morning raid

KUALA SELANGOR: After spending less than one minute trying to smash open the jewellery showcases of a goldsmith shop with hammers and axes, four robbers panicked when the alarm was triggered and left the outlet empty handed.
The failed robbery attempt took place at Kedai Emas Sri Mewah along Jalan Besar Sasaran, Sungai Buloh in Jeram, here, yesterday, said Kuala Selangor district police chief Superintendent Ruslan Abdullah.
In the 11.25am incident, Ruslan said the four robbers - who wore gloves, long sleeved jackets and motorcycle helmets with black visors - stormed into the premises manned by three sales assistants.
"Three robbers who were armed with axes and hammers proceeded to smash the jewellery showcases.
"An accomplice stood guard in front of the shop, holding an object resembling a gun. The sales assistants then ran into the vault located at the back of the shop, pressed the panic button and the alarm was raised.
"This caused the robbers to panic and flee. They escaped in a waiting purple Perodua Alza which was parked in front of the premises. The vehicle was seen speeding off towards Kapar, Klang.
"All this happened in less than a minute. All the valuables were intact but the damage on the showcases cost about RM20,000," said Ruslan.
He added that the case was being investigated under Section 393 of the Penal Code for attempted robbery.

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