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Dungun police nab 2 for possession of methamphetamine , syabu

DUNGUN: Dungun police have detained two men for alleged drug trafficking and drug abuse at a house here last Wednesday.
District police chief Superintendent Ahmad Zailani Yaacub said his team raided the house in Kampung Gong Pasir following a tip-off.
He said six packets comprising 1,200 methamphetamine pills weighing 122.9h and 15 small packets of syabu weighing 20.32g were seized during the raid.
“We found the drugs in a sling bag used by one of the suspects,” he said.
The suspects aged 25 and 27, are both from Dungun.
“The drugs are believed to be for distribution in Dungun,” he said today.
Both have been detained at the Dungun police station under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drug Act 1987 for drug trafficking.

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