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DAP to meet tomorrow to discuss RoS second re-election order

DAP will hold a special meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss the Societe Generale Registration Officer (RoS) order, so that the party once again elected the Central Executive Committee.

DAP Secretary-General Lin Yinen said that the party has not yet received any letter or notice about the announcement.

"We have not seen the contents of this letter, we will make any decisions before tomorrow to study and discuss.

"After this meeting, a press conference will be held to express our decision," he said.

He said RoS's announcement was "weird" because it had been going on since 2013.

He said he was re-elected in 2012, but it took four years before RoS ordered a second consecutive reelection.

Earlier today, Roz Director General Dato 'Mohammed Razin Abdullah announced that DAP had to be re-elected to appoint a new CEC for the party.

He said the results of the second re-election on 23 September 2013 were considered illegal.

At the same time, Gobind Singh Deo, director of the Democratic National Bureau of the Pohang Parliament, said the party would decide whether the CEC members would meet and discuss the issue.

"There are a variety of options to choose from, but it is best to learn RoS's official letter.

"So I hope that Ross will soon write to us and convey the decision to us," he said.

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