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Cows blocking Shah Alam road

MOTORISTS in Alam Impian, Shah Alam, can no longer cruise leisurely in the area as their path is often blocked by cattle.
Residents said cows were becoming a common sight in Jalan Persiaran Panglima Hitam.
A resident, Nazri, told Actionline that he believed the cows might have been left to roam since the early morning.
He said the road was rarely without cows.
“I almost hit the cows on several occasions.
“It might sound funny, but this is dangerous for motorists and the cows.”
Nazri said people familiar with the area were careful when passing through the road.
“But what about those who don’t come here often? What if they hit a cow?”
He said the local council had been notified of the issue, but no action had been taken.
“I urge the authorities to keep the animals off the road and take action against the owners for not guarding their livestock.
“If livestock are found roaming on roads, the authorities should seize the animals.”
A Shah Alam Municipal Council spokesman said the council was finding the best way to solve the problem.
“We are studying the best way to handle the problem as this involves finding a temporary site for the cattle.”
In the meantime, he said, the council would monitor the situation and ensure that the road was safe for motorists.
“We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible for the comfort of motorists, especially residents in the area.”

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