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29 IS Suspects want to Planning Attack Turkey

Police say Friday that anti-terrorism officials in Istanbul have detained members of 29 suspected Islamic Jihad fears, who are allegedly preparing for "sensational attacks" in Turkey.

The Istanbul police headquarters said that twenty-two foreign nationals were foreigners detained in an overnight attack, without specifying the nationality of the country from which they came from.

Police seized several electronic devices and one shot in action.

The number of detainees was 29, many of whom had fought in the theater, a part of an IS cell that would be "sensational" in Turkey.

The Turkish police detained six suspected members of the IS plan on Wednesday to carry out a bomb attack against opposition protests led by the Republican People's Party (KP) Kimal Kilicdaroglu.

He is in the final stage of the 450 km (280 miles) "just trip" from Ankara to Istanbul to protest the legal system of President Red Puri Taipu Erdogan.

The Turkish border was previously an important crossing for recruits and materials before Turkey tightened security, and in August last year launched a military action to clear jihadists from the southern border.

Turkey suffered a series of terrorist attacks in 2016, one of which was accused of IS in 2001.

Istanbul's last attack was a gunman killed 39 people in a New Year celebration at Istanbul's Istanbul Istanbul nightclub Reina.

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