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MH128 safety landed KLIA

SEPANG: Sara Tan is still very much afraid, flying home from Melbourne, a day after a disruptive passenger forced Malaysia Airlines flight MH128 to turn back to Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport.
Sara said she was worried what had happened would happen again.
"Of course all passengers are scared. We don't know if it will happen again. We don't know if anybody will run to the front and say (they) will blow up the plane.
"It was very scary, thinking what if the plane blows up? I don't think I will be flying any time soon," said Tan, adding that she was looking forward to sleep for a week after the late Wednesday ordeal.
Flight MH128 from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back to the Australian airport shortly after taking off when a Sri Lankan passenger, who was holding an unknown device, attempted to enter the cockpit.
The Sri Lankan passenger, who tried to enter the aircraft's cockpit, was reported to have been released from a psychiatric facility just hours before the flight.
Saw was among some 100 passengers who had arrived from Melbourne early this morning on the re-designated Malaysia Airlines flight MH128D, which landed at 1.43am.
Another passenger Ang Teck Huat, 56, said he was one of the few people who had jumped on the disruptive passenger and tried to subdue him.
"It took between six or seven of us to hold him down as he was very strong.
"As we held him down firmly, I heard him saying that the security was not good and that he wanted to test the security.
"When we asked how many more were with him, he replied five. I doubted him because we had him on the floor for about 30 minutes and if he had any other accomplice, they would have reacted," said Ang.
Things were very tense inside the aircraft as all were frightened, he added.
Asked if he would still fly with Malaysia Airlines, Ang replied: "That is not an issue. It is just a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time."
He also praised the tight security checks by the Australian authorities at the airport.
Passenger Emerson Tan shared similar views with Ang, saying that no one should be blamed for what had happened.
"It is not the Malaysia Airlines' fault and not the fault of the Australian authorities."

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