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JPJ Perlis open bidding 'RR’ plate number next week

KANGAR: The Perlis Road Transport Department (RTD) will open the bidding for vehicle registration number ‘RR’ to public from June 5 until June 19.
Its corporate department chief Mohd Tarmizi Ghazali said Perlis RTD is confident that the ‘RR’ registration number will receive favourable response from the public, based on the overwhelming response to the ‘RM’ registration number which generated a whopping RM7 million in revenue two years ago.
“‘RR’ is unique and we are confident that it will garner as much hype as ‘RM’. So far we have received many calls and inquiries on when the bidding will start,” he said when contacted today.
Tarmizi said the opening bidding price for single digits up to number 10 will start from RM10,000. As for special numbers, the bidding will start from RM2,000 and as for popular numbers, bidding begins at RM300.
He said Perlis’ vehicle registration number is unique since it only has two alphabets compared to other states.
He said those who are interested can submit their bidding tender for the number with the state RTD director.

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