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Housewife become millionaire

A housewife from Selangor has become RM23 million richer when she followed her dreams and purchased a Magnum 4D Jackpot number.
Her winning numbers — 1155 for second prize and 2293 for the third prize — she said, were inspired from her dreams.
“The numbers have been on my mind a few times, but when I had the dream I went all out and bought them,” she said.
“I never expected these numbers would turn me into a millionaire. I couldn’t believe it at first, but when I double checked the results and my children confirmed it, I was over the moon.”
She won the 4D Jackpot 1 worth RM23,105,950 on May 20 with a bet on System Bet 26 (RM650).
“Moreover, to win such a grand prize on May 20, which is also 520 in numerals has a special meaning for me as the numbers 520 in the Chinese language means ‘I love you’,” she said, adding that she never gave up hope that she would be lucky one day.
The housewife said she had checked the results via the Magnum 4D Live app, adding that she nearly had a heart attack when the words “You’ve Won” appeared on her mobile screen when she scanned her tickets.
On how she would be spending the prize money, she said she would like to share the happiness with her family members, adding that she would surprise her husband with the winnings.
“There have been so many sacrifices made by every one of us in the family and now it is time to enjoy life a little bit.
“It is great comfort to know that our financial concerns have been taken care of. As a mother, my first priority is and always will be my family,” she said.
She thanked Magnum, saying it was an exciting game as it would always come up with new and exciting ways to increase the chances of their customers to win.

A Magnum representative said it was always a pleasure to meet winners as they were happy to have won and that was what the company had always aimed to achieve, which was to have many customers have the winning experience with them.

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