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SPAD to haul-up UBER over robbery

THE Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD)of Malaysia will haul up –e-hailing service operator Uber to review its current drivers screening process.
This follows a report of a female passenger being robbed by an Uber driver and accomplice last Sunday.
In the incident one of the duo’s, brandished a knife and demanded that the victim hand over her valuables as the car near Puchong area. The victim she was left by the roadside near an apartment there.
Police have since arrested a 22-year-old male at the Pagoh north-bound rest and service area at 11pm on Wednesday, believed to be involved in the case.
“Although this incident is classified as a criminal act which falls under the jurisdiction of PDRM, SPAD views this matter very seriously and will summon Uber immediately to review its current drivers screening process,” it said in a statement today.
SPAD applauds the swift action taken by PDRM to arrest the 22-year old driver in question for due investigation and will cooperate where required, it said.
The commission adds that the well-being and safety of passengers remains its top priority.
“Once full regulation of e-hailing is passed in Parliament (targeted by July 2017), SPAD expects e-hailing operators to practice the highest standards of safety and service quality,” it added.
It said under the proposed amendment to the Land Public Transport Act 2010, all e-hailing drivers will be required to register with SPAD and will be subjected to stringent background checks in synergy with other enforcement agencies, including PDRM and RTD.
“The Commission will not hesitate to penalize e-hailing operators or drivers and impound vehicles of e-hailing drivers who are found violating the law,” it said.

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