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Hishamuddin orders MAF to beef up border security

Defence Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Bin Hussein has instructed the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) to heighten border controls across the country with the recent spate of terror attacks in neighbouring countries.
In response to the simultaneous attacks in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, Hishammuddin said MAF will continue to work closely with the armed forces in the three respective countries to strengthen security – including sharing of intelligence information.
“I have been in touch with the Minister of Defence of the three countries involved, Delfin Lorenzana Negrillo, Philippines; Prawit Wangsuwon, Thailand; and Ryamizard Ryacudu, Indonesia; to get latest updates on the incidents,” he said.
Hishammuddin said to strengthen security controls in Sabah, MAF will deploy additional assets.
“This initiative involves adding two patrol vessels which were deployed today to assist in the tightening of controls in the waters of Sabah, assigning the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and its troops to operate in neighbouring islands off Sabah, as well as increasing combat patrol boats in areas identified as the southern Philippines’ entry points,” he said.
According to Hishammuddin, an additional army infantry company will be stationed in Cenderawasih, Lahad Datu, while additional troops have also been added to ensure that the beaches of Lahad Datu is fully guarded.
“These initiatives are the latest approach implemented by MAF as a complementary initiative to strengthen previous security measures in Sabah.
“These initiatives, including the additional deployment of assets, are set in place to enable immediate responses if any threats arise,” he said.
“We will not bow to any party or group that attempts to destroy the security and sovereignty of the country.
“We have come to a consensus with our friends all over the world to continue to work closely in dealing with these threats after a business trip in Saudi Arabia recently,” he said.

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