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Football Malaysia informs Kelantan only one new foreign player allowed

 Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP) has reminded Kelantan that they are not allow to take more than one new foreign signing in the current mid-season transfer window.
In a statement on Sunday, FMLLP said Kelantan have only submitted an application to sign a new foreign player and that they will be barred from getting a second import.
"We received an application from Kelantan recently for the registration of only one new foreign player," said FMLPP chief executive officer Kevin Ramalingam.
"Kelantan are still facing a transfer ban and we will not accept a second application from them for a new foreign signing."
Kelantan, along with three other M-League teams were docked six points each and handed transfer bans for failure to fulfil financial obligations last month.
But the bans came with the proviso that the clubs may be allowed to sign new players, if they can prove that they had made money from releasing players from their current squads.
Kelantan signed Lebanon midfielder Abou Bakr Al-Mel recently. He made his debut in the 2-2 draw with Penang in a Super League match last Wednesday

Three days ago, Kelantan announced their intention to sign French-Senegalese striker L'Imam Seydi.

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